Learning Node.js for Career

Node.js: Why you should study it

The IT industry is giving more importance to both web and mobile app development. To develop both you need to know Java programming language. Thus, the need for people with knowledge of Java programming language has increased. Java has been evolving from its birth. Node.js is one of the variations and is popular as an open source server-side framework. Node.js is popular as it enables Web servers using JavaScript to be much faster. The JavaScript has two things to its advantage: speed and large community support. In fact, Node.js can help create an application with less manpower than other technologies. Also, this technology improves the productivity of developers. The Node.js community has created many modules that have helped Node.js outshine the competition.

Popularity of Node.js

According to a recent report, the number of jobs in Node.js has increased. That means that more companies are now looking for people with Node.js skill set. As you can see there is a huge gap between Jobs and applicants. Thus, there is no need to say that people who are skilled in Node.js can get jobs with high paying salaries.

Beauty of Node.js

With Node.js one can share code between the back and front end. Thus, you can develop complete applications without having to learn languages like Python.

Node.js can be used for mobile device networks and the web. Companies have used to remove bottlenecks from their applications.

Community support enjoyed by Node.js allows developers to create modules with solutions and libraries on their own. The best part is that anyone can install these modules using NPM or Node’s official package manager.

Use for Start-ups
  • Node.js is very useful for start-ups.
  • Node.js is lightweight, meaning that you can get feedback from your production environment very quickly.
  • The learning curve for Node.js is not very hard. Also, it supports full-stack development.
  • Node.js enjoys the support of a vibrant community. If big enterprises support Node.js it must mean that it is stable.
How to study?

Studying Node.js is now very much possible. There are plenty of online tutorials available. However, if you feel you cannot learn online, then you can find a Node.js training institute in chennai. These institutes offer a technical training course followed by a placement program.


Many businesses have adopted Node.js and improved their products. So, irrespective of whether you are looking for a job in the IT industry or wishing to start your own company, Node.js is the best option for you.
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